About Us

We stop spacequakes by saving Spirits peacefully.

Itsuka Kotori

Commander of Fraxinus

Kannazuki Kyouhei

Vice Commander of Fraxinus

Murasame Reine

Analysis Officer

Itsuka Shido

Spirit Sealer

Elliot Baldwin Woodman

Founder and Benefactor


Members of the Fraxinus crew assist Shido by voting on decisions he makes during confrontations with Spirits.

  • Kyoji "Bad Marriage" Kawagoe

    With five marriages and five divorces, he is worthy of the title of master of love.

  • Masaomi "Boss" Mikimoto

    An incubus in the moonlight.

  • Hinako "Nail Knocker" Shiizaki

    Bringing suffering to every rival in love. The women who lives at 2AM.

  • Munechika "The Dimension Breaker" Nakatsugawa

    The man with a hundred waifus.

  • Kozue "Deep Love" Minowa

    The woman whose sincere and earnest devotion was feared by the law.

  • You?



It drives a quarrel.